O.J. Simpson calls for Cole Beasley to leave the NFL

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Buffalo Bills legend O.J. Simpson took to Twitter to call out Cole Beasley

Simpson recently called out Cole Beasley on Twitter over his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.  He shared a story about how his golfing buddy would usually have dinner together in person. One of the ladies who gathered with them ended up passing away due to COVID (after saying she had gotten the vaccine, but lied).

Simpson would go on to say that Beasley “doesn’t have the right” to put his team and teammates at risk of what could happen. The league released a further restriction to teams this week, stating that any player violating protocol could be fined up to $14,650.

The previous rule was added on top of the new consequence-a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players that prevent a game from being rescheduled will result in a forfeit for that team and a loss of game checks.

Simpson closes the video by saying that if Beasley doesn’t want to be vaccinated, he can opt out. That opt out window has technically passed, so his options are to either retire or follow the policies.

While generally it’s hard to listen to life advice from Simpson (who had one of the most infamous murder trials in American history), he has a point. No one is forcing Beasley to get the vaccine- he can go without the vaccine, but won’t be in the NFL.  All choices have a result (or consequence) and that’s what Beasley will have to deal with.

Cole Beasley isn’t alone in his anti-vaccine position in the NFL

It seemed for a long time that Beasley was the most vocal player in the league about being anti-vaccine. That was until Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins came along and basically made it known he was on Beasley’s side as well. Hopkins is currently considering retirement.

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It remains to be seen if their verbal protests will ever amount to anything. Hopkins has had a more decorated career and may be the partner Beasley is looking to team up with. The NFL stands for “not for long” and there’s only so many coveted jobs that some players would do anything for.

We’ll see who really wants to play NFL football down the road.