Buffalo Bills: Frank Gore unhappy with usage towards end of last season

According to a recent article, Frank Gore was not necessarily pleased with how the second half of the 2019 season went for him as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

In a recent mailbag by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, he discussed how the New York Jets might utilize a backfield that includes Le’Veon Bell and former Buffalo Bills’ running back Frank Gore.

In his article, Mehta mentioned that Frank Gore still wants to prove that he can be a capable running back in the NFL and in the second half of last year didn’t really get the chance. At that point in the season, the Bills coaching staff were leaning heavily on Devin Singletary and Gore didn’t get much playing time.

My understanding is that the 37-year-old running back wasn’t particularly pleased with his sparse usage in Buffalo during the second half of last season. He’s eager to show that he’s got some juice left. Gore has had at least 125 carries in each of his 15 seasons. He plans on doing it for a 16th time.

Gore, who is a 17-year veteran, certainly has a point with 106 carries over the first eight games but only 74 in the final nine, which included the Wild Card game against the Houston Texans. He had single digit carries in four of the last five games.

He finished the year with two touchdowns and a  career low 599 rushing yards and 3.6 yards per carry.

Certainly, Frank Gore deserves a lot of credit here because he didn’t let his personal desires to get on the field become a distraction or take away from what Singletary was doing. The rookie running back was having a breakout year and Gore was the perfect mentor for him.

There is no running back in this league who has been more consistent for a longer period of time than Frank Gore. He made it a point to help Singletary, even doing little things like making sure Adrian Peterson chatted with the rookie after a game.

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While Frank Gore’s time with Buffalo was for only one season, he was a great addition to this roster. There is no one who would blame the running back for wanting more carries and the fact that he didn’t let his frustrations get outside of the locker room just shows the type of teammate he is.

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