Buffalo Bills: Ranking the best first round picks since 2000

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These are the six best first round picks the Buffalo Bills have made since 2000.

There is no question that for any NFL team, including the Buffalo Bills, the first round pick is crucial. While there is talent found in every round, the first round pick is hopefully those superstar type players.

The players that can be the foundation of your team, that will amass multiple Pro Bowl trips and All-Pro selections. This isn’t always the case and while teams don’t want to miss on any of their picks, when they miss on the first round pick it stings a little more.

Since 2000, the Buffalo Bills have made 22 picks in the first round. There was four years (2018, 2009, 2006, 2004) that they had multiple picks and two years (2015 and 2005) that they had none due to trades from previous years.

They have also picked in the Top 10 eight times over that stretch, including each of the past two seasons when they selected Josh Allen seventh overall in 2018 and Ed Oliver ninth overall in 2019.

These are the six best players that the Buffalo Bills have drafted in the first round since 2000.