Buffalo Bills: Important to bring back your own free agents

Even though they are near the top in the league in cap space, the Buffalo Bills focus should be to bring back their own free agents first.

The Buffalo Bills have almost 90 Million dollars in salary cap space. They have nine selections in the upcoming NFL draft at this point of time. They have 12 unrestricted free agents.

Hall of Fame coach legend, Marv Levy, always stressed the most important free agent signings are re-signing your own. This new front office led by Brandon Beane shares the same philosophy, except in a situation where an obvious overall upgrade to the team is a free agent from the outside.

If an outsider is the same level talent as one of your own, then securing your own, who is already trusted and has chemistry, probably makes more sense. Sometimes that never plays out because other teams throw ridiculous money at your guys and unless its a franchise player, often letting them walk away and replacing them is the better strategy.

Matching big money is not good business for your typical player. If the player is not a huge name free agent and you want to keep said player, be proactive and sign them early and often. If these players are part of your plan, it typically saves a team money to get a new deal done before they reach free agency.

It is important to not get in a bidding war over a really good, but not elite player. NFL teams typically do not want to dare go into the discuss of using the transitional or franchise player tags because of the salaries associated with those moves. They want value.

Bills fans are found around the globe

Currently I am writing this from our annual winter escape, a vacation resort in Jamaica. I feel really good about being a Bills fan. Proud once again.

So many of the drought years I would be wearing a Bills hat or tee-shirt and other Buffalo Bills fans or NFL fans would comment and we would end up agreeing it was very difficult being a Bills fan. During the late 80’s and all of the 90’s being recognized as a fellow Bills fan was a proud bragging right.

I never stopped attending games or wearing Bills gear throughout the long long drought, but it was tough sporting their logo without a little bit of sorrow or shame.

But here we are in 2020 with two playoff appearances in three seasons.  These out of town, out of state or out of country encounters with other traveling Bills fans or NFL fans are much more enjoyable. Everyone I have met here in Jamaica who sees my Bills attire or I seeing theirs results in excitement. Knuckles. High fives. Cheers.  Pure anticipation of the team going yet to another level next season.

Josh Allen has excited many with what he may become.  Loud “Go Bills” shouts directed at me based on a simple Bills ball cap I wear. Lots of Bills fans at the resort.  Many at the Jamaica airport. Its a great time to be a Bills fan once again.

Other notes from this past week

  • The Bills hired former Chargers player Jacques Cesaire as Assistant Defensive Line Coach. He  joins  new Line Coach Eric Washington on Frazier’s staff.
  • The “Good Morning Football” folks review and crown a winner annually for the “Angry Run” of the NFL season.  Rookie Dawson Knox of the Buffalo Bills is now that reigning champion for the 2019 season. It’s not the MVP, but that is very impressive for the talented Bills tight end.  The position is one that  historically takes longer than others  to adjust to playing at the NFL level.  The responsibility for being a solid blocker basically being an extension of the offensive line is key, but he is going to be one of the Leagues threatening receivers. He showed flashes of his route running and catching ability and will only improve his overall game beginning with his sophomore season.


  • Don’t be surprised if the Bills have their Wide Receiver needs tackled before draft day.  If Amari Cooper stays in Dallas, the Bills could target Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey, as identified by Bleacher Report.  The Bills could absorb his large salary with plenty of money under the salary cap.  He could step right in helping Josh Allen.  It’s an option over drafting a future number one wide out and going through the growing pains as adjusting to the NFL can take time.
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    The Buffalo Bills want to be competitive for the long haul at the same time as winning right now.  No better time than year three of your franchise quarterbacks career  to begin making runs at division titles as well as going to the “show”.

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