Buffalo Bills fans need to enjoy the ride, and not focus on how it happened

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Buffalo Bills fans should stop worrying about how this team got where they are, and just enjoy the ride while it lasts.

He is a mere 5 foot 7 inches in height, packing 203 pounds into that frame. He studied and played his college ball at Florida Atlantic. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the third round just several months ago. Devin Singletary is his name. He is referenced by the nickname “Motor”.

The Bills exciting running back equaled his season total in carries against the Skins alone. His 95 yards rushing was close to five yards per carry. He found the endzone once. The rookie was included in the passing stats with three receptions. One of those was taking a simple screen pass 49 yards.

Singletary’s 140 yards in offense was an absolute giant reason Buffalo won the game. “Captain Obvious” reporting from beautiful Orchard Park, New York.

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The Bills covered the Vegas experts odds with plenty to spare. Winning by 15 is a solid victory in the NFL. Holding an NFL team to three field goals is by no means shabby. Steve Tasker pointed out on local talk radio how the Bills margin of victory over the Hogs was the second largest in the entire league for the week.

Listening to some fans, media, and analysts, one would think the Bills are 2-6, not 6-2 being the most dominating Wild Card team at the halfway point.  “Negative Stanley” would not stop referencing the fact that not one of the Bills’ six wins is against a team with a winning record.

They are currently 6-2. Some of those people should stop comparing a young team in 2019 to an Almost-A- Dynasty legendary team from the early 1990s. Nothing is wrong with absolutely enjoying the ride and not continuously complaining about the easy schedule or why it is bad that a certain side of the ball is stronger than the other.

I understand the Bills spent most of this century being not competitive. When we feel someone has potentially gotten the rebuild relatively correct, we want everything to fall in to place perfectly. When we are overachieving at 6-2 when many experts picked them to have a losing record, we should appreciate being relevant again.

Many teams who win in this league seize the opportunity of an easier schedule. They may get some lucky bounces and maybe referee calls seem to lean their way. Many teams who win do it while staying relatively healthy. Others win while banged up as some great stories begin with opportunities created to fill in for an injury.

Drew Bledsoe was hit by the Jets Mo Lewis on September 23, 2001, suffering a concussion as well as internal bleeding enduring a potentially life-threatening situation that evening as he was raced in an ambulance to Mass General Hospital in Boston.

The NFL would never be the same, as Tom Brady assumed the starting position aggressively advancing to the GOAT. Bledsoe eventually was traded to Buffalo. Things not going according to plan sometimes results in historical things. The huge hit by Lewis changed the history of the NFL forever.

Keep in mind being at 6-2 or 2-6 are statistics of a game. It is a huge business. A huge sport. A huge game. Just a game.

September 11 of that same year will never be forgotten. It was no statistic or game. Planes and Jet Fuel were used as weapons of mass destruction claiming thousands of lives on U.S. soil. The world has not and will never be the same again. So never forget..September 11, 2001.

September 23, although huge in the Football world was just another day at the office when put into perspective by events transpiring earlier that month. God bless America.

Now let’s stop over-analyzing any potential reason to complain about the team’s weaknesses. Enjoy a long-awaited 6-2 halfway record. Let’s stop finding any possible variable that could potentially explain how a team such as the Bills finds themselves at 6-2. Schedule strength. Other teams underachieving.

The defense carrying the team. Luck. Stop. The second half of the season will throw curveballs as many unpredictable events will occur. At this point in time, your Bills are having a successful season. Enjoy it. This is the Bills best start in 26 years.

Cole Beasley simplified it as reported by our southern-tier friend Chuck Pollock of the Olean Times Herald, “The goal, at the end of the day, is to win. We did enough to win today … 6-2 halfway through the season is not a bad spot to be in. But we still have a lot of season left and 6-2 could go either way.”

Everyone wants a higher-scoring offense.  Everyone seeks blowouts, especially against teams like Miami. Desiring 300-yard passing games while connecting on highlight film worthy deep balls is common.

I choose 6-2.