Ranking Buffalo Bills top solutions to fix the No. 1 wide receiver predicament

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The Buffalo Bills don’t yet have a No. 1 target, but they have a few solid options on and outside Western New York.

The Buffalo Bills built a complete roster during the 2019 off-season, but there doesn’t appear to be a sure-fire No. 1 target on the team. For a squad hinging on growth from their presumed franchise quarterback, Josh Allen, the lack of a top target receiver is concerning. So what are their solutions to fix this issue?

Unfortunately, the Bills, barring a blockbuster trade, won’t enter 2019 with a star receiver catching passes. But, there are a few intriguing pieces on the roster; if that doesn’t work, there are some solid to do so options, now or in the future. With that known, here are seven solutions on how to fix this problem, ranked; based on likelihood, potential, and effectiveness combined.

7. Any free agents still available

Veteran receivers could help the Bills out, but none currently on the market would, or should, earn consideration as a No. 1 option in any offense. Names like Dez Byrant, Michael Crabtree, and Pierre Garcon may pique interest, but there are reasons why each hasn’t garnered many looks during the off-season.

Bryant, arguably one of the most widely known receivers of the past decade, is far from the dominant figure he once was in Dallas. Though only 30 years old, regression prevailed in his last season of play; but that’s not the biggest issue. Mid-way through last season, just days after signing with New Orleans, he tore an Achilles — a potentially career-ending injury.

As for Crabtree, he’s been a drop-magnet for the better part of the last three seasons and will be 32 by the second week of the season. Pass. Garcon, a receiver lauded for his ageless style of play and consistency will be 33 midway through free agency. He’s also had troubles staying on the field; chiefly due to knee and neck injuries.

There aren’t many names worth mentioning outside the three; at least pertaining to a top target. Unless the Bills want to give Kelvin Benjamin another shot —  which they won’t do — don’t expect to see the team sign any receivers that once were top targets in the NFL.