Buffalo Bills reportedly close to acquiring Antonio Brown

The Buffalo Bills are reportedly close to finalizing a deal to acquire Antonio Brown, according to Ian Rapoport. This is a huge deal for the Bills.

I am currently getting eaten alive on Twitter thanks to Old Takes Exposed but I don’t care.

You know why?

Because the Buffalo Bills are reportedly close to acquiring Antonio Brown.

Here was the shocking tweet via Ian Rapoport:

There were reports that a trade would be announced by Friday and it appears Brandon Beane was the evil genius behind the secret deal. And this comes on a special anniversary.


The Rapoport tweet is all we have right now but the details should come out Friday morning or afternoon. It will be interesting to see what the Bills part with for Brown.

I personally thought there was no shot of Brown ending up in Buffalo after it was reported that the Steelers wanted to send him to the NFC. But maybe the Steelers are viewing Buffalo as a non-threat. That is not a wise thought.

This is a huge way to solve the need at the number one receiver spot before free agency even begins. I expect Beane to make more moves, but this could mean D.K. Metcalf is off the draft board for the Bills at No. 9 overall.

It is hard to write about this because I am going off one tweet and I am too excited to offer up anything else other than a big “Goooooooo Billlllls!!!”

This is wild news.

The morning talk radio shows will surely be talking about Brown’s character and the fact he essentially broke up with the Steelers, but there should only be plenty of excitement right now. This is a star player heading to Buffalo and one who can work with Josh Allen throughout the offseason, given he shows up with something to prove.

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I imagine Brown will want to show the world that he is elite no matter where he plays.