2019 Buffalo Bills Roster Outlook: The running backs

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Move on from McCoy

Once one of the best running backs in all of football, McCoy hit a wall in 2018. In years past, McCoy has been able to run around, over and occasionally through that wall, but this year his production and overall abilities came to a screeching halt.

Entering Sunday’s finale, McCoy had rushed for over 100 yards just once and both of his touchdowns came in one game – the lone game he rushed for 100 yards. He only managed 26 yards in Week 17 but did add his third touchdown of the year.

At this point, McCoy has done all he can for the team. He has carried the offense for the past several seasons and has been the focal point for the team nearly every season since he was traded for. Unfortunately, like many running backs, time eventually catches up to players at the position and they hit a wall rather abruptly.

From several reports, the Bills had trade offers for McCoy and decided not to pull the trigger. That was an oversight from the team as he hasn’t gotten any better this season. They should have allowed him to go to a potential playoff team while recouping an asset that they can use to further build up the offense.

Now at the end of 2018, the front office and coaching staff are sticking to the script by saying they plan on McCoy being part of the team in 2019. The team needs to break script and move on.

That doesn’t mean I think Shady is a bad teammate or doesn’t belong on the team, but the days of McCoy being a lead back in the NFL and being able to make the moves he used to are gone.

He is clearly a leader of the team, but it is important to know that by trading or cutting McCoy, the Bills can save over $6 million in cap space as Shady is set to make $9.05 million next season. That is far too much for a running back past his prime.

I have always enjoy having Shady on the team. He has given Buffalo’s offense life and excitement in his time here when it appeared that the team was destined to be a laughing stock on offense.

Now with his decline, Buffalo is at the bottom of the league in offense. Moving Shady on to greener pastures would be a wise move for all parties involved.