Buffalo Bills make smart move to give Matt Barkley contract extension

(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills made a very smart move Friday afternoon by signing Matt Barkley to a contract extension as the backup quarterback.

The Buffalo Bills began the season with barely any NFL experience in the quarterback room. That has changed as the year has gone on.

Matt Barkley and Derek Anderson are now on the roster to help guide Josh Allen, and it appears Barkley will be around as the backup for a few more years.

This was both a smart and important move for the Bills to make. Young quarterbacks like Allen need veterans behind them, the same way Baker Mayfield has Drew Stanton and Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland. And how Sam Darnold has Josh McCown.

It is a familiar formula and it’s nice to see the Bills sign the veteran.

Barkley’s path to signing this contract sure is interesting. He began the year with the Cincinnati Bengals, only to get injured and be released in September.

He then showed up in Buffalo as an emergency starter, only to lead the team to its biggest win of the year in his only start. The ability for Barkley to step in when needed and provide competent quarterback play, along with mentoring Allen, made the extension an easy choice.

And what a great situation for him as well. He has earned the trust of the team and can grow both as a quarterback and a leader while helping Allen’s progression.

This means the quarterback position is something that doesn’t have to be worried about at all this offseason. That is a huge relief after the team has been making so many changes at the position for years.

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Barkley may never play in another game for the Bills, but his presence will have a positive impact on the team for sure.