Buffalo Bills: 5 takeaways from Bills vs. Lions from the stands

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The offensive line is improving but still needs help

Sitting in the end zone allows for fans to see holes open up, the quarterback go through reads and see the field as if they were playing. The offensive line overall had a decent day on Sunday, but they still have a long way to go.

There have been plenty of well documented issues with the run game throughout the season, but it is very evident in person, sitting behind the offense that they need to make some moves up front. At times there were holes to hit, but other times the line was pushed back or Allen was forced out of the pocket.

Dion Dawkins has struggled quite a bit in his sophomore season and the number of penalties he has taken this year is alarming. Depending on where the team drafts, adding a left tackle in the draft may not be the worst idea if Dawkins can kick over to the right side.

The struggles along the line don’t stop at Dawkins – center, right guard and right tackle have all had suspect moments throughout the season. At left guard, Wyatt Teller has been an upgrade and solid since his insertion to the into the starting lineup several weeks ago.

Ike Boettger was the latest young offensive lineman to get his shot as he played several series at right guard for the Bills and performed well in limited time. Him, Jeremiah Sirles and Conor McDermott are three young players that should all receive playing time in the final two games to at least see what they have and maybe they can turn young prospects into contributors.

Despite still not playing a great brand of football, the line had one of the better days I had seen them play all season. The team ran for 117 yards and both Keith Ford and Marcus Murphy were effective.

Pat DiMarco even received time as the lead back meaning something has either gone incredibly wrong or incredibly right. It was also great to see what Allen could do when given the time to go through his reads and deliver a ball without someone in his face.

McDermott believes in winning in the trenches and no matter how good your quarterback is or running backs are, they need time and space to operate. The team had one of their better days up front, but there is still progress to be made.