Buffalo Bills: Power rankings update with two games remaining in 2018

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills picked up another win and saw a slight rise in the power rankings with only two weeks remaining in the 2018 regular season.

It is time for the weekly look at where the Buffalo Bills stand in national power rankings.

There are only two more weeks to go before the odd, offseason rankings make their way around again.

For now, we can celebrate just a bit after a Bills victory bumped the team up a few spots.

ESPN.com has the Bills at No. 27 overall, up one spot from last week. NFL.com has the Bills all the way up at No. 21 overall, which is an improvement of four spots from Week 15.

The team at NFL.com has been a bit more positive toward the Bills all year, and tends to move the team up several spots every week depending on the result. The team at ESPN.com doesn’t shift too much based on one result.

The reality is that the Bills are in the bottom third of the NFL standings and will likely finish there given just how competitive the league is this year. And if the Bills finish with five or six wins, head into the offseason with some momentum and have a high draft pick, I would consider that a good sign after the way the season started.

The good news is that the Bills are not in the absolute basement of the power rankings. The team was down there at the start of the year and some analysts declared the team to be the worst in the NFL. But Bills fans knew that wasn’t the case and the team is right about at its potential given all the issues seen this season.

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The Bills still have two more games to improve and develop the young players who are stepping up in 2018. All fans want is some hope in 2019, and the young core all over the roster helps achieve that goal.