Buffalo Bills: Rooting for wins or draft position over the final two weeks?

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The Buffalo Bills are trending toward the top of the 2019 NFL Draft order. Wins could change that, making the final few weeks rather interesting.

Today was a good day for most Buffalo Bills fans.

The team won, improving to 5-9 on the season, and gave the city something to smile about after a rough season so far. Yet I know a small contingent of fans was upset about the win.

Those fans are the ones who only care about draft position.

The Bills remain in the top 10 of the draft order and have a date with the New England Patriots next week. The season then ends with another game against the Miami Dolphins.

The Patriots game would be a huge upset, but the Bills could easily take down the Dolphins. That brings up the question for fans if they would rather see the team win at least one more game, or if they want the team to lose out and secure a better pick.

Both sides of the argument come up for most fanbases as soon as a team is eliminated from playoff contention. And it depends on the situation.

A team like the New York Giants may be better off losing if the goal is to draft a new franchise quarterback. Yet with a team like the Bills, losing out could do more damage than good for a young team.

Josh Allen could benefit greatly from a wild upset over the Patriots, as opposed to a blowout loss where he struggles the entire game.

This is true for the entire team. There is playoff experience on the roster, along with the young players, so there is a winning mentality in that locker room. Ending the season with six or seven wins helps the team enter the offseason with the belief that they are playoff contenders in 2019.

There is nothing worse than securing a high pick, only for players in the locker room to lose faith in the direction of the organization or the process in place. That doesn’t bode well for that top pick either.

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What is your take on the situation? Would you rather see wins or a better draft slot?