Buffalo Bills: The two released receivers find new teams

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills surprisingly released two wide receivers earlier this week. Both have now found new homes in the same division.

The Buffalo Bills will enter play Sunday without two of the top receivers from the initial depth chart to start the season.

Both Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes were let go at the start of the week, although no one should miss either too much.

The team is going young at receiver and fans may have wondered if either veteran would get signed here at the end of the year.

Holmes didn’t spend much time on the market, as he is now a member of the Denver Broncos.

This comes after a bad injury to Emmanuel Sanders. Holmes is not a comparable player, but can provide some veteran experience to a team looking to get into the postseason.

That left Benjamin without a team. Some Bills fans likely think he isn’t remotely good enough to be on any team, but the Kansas City Chiefs felt differently.

This is a surprising move for the top team in the AFC. However, it never hurts to bring in some potential to see if being around a new coaching staff, and Patrick Mahomes, can lead to a resurgence at the end of the season.

As Bills fans may know, Sammy Watkins is also on the Chiefs. Could you imagine both Watkins and Benjamin playing meaningful snaps in the Super Bowl? The way they performed would lead to tears in Buffalo. Whether they were due to laughter or crying remains to be seen.

Both Holmes and Benjamin may appear in the postseason and honestly, good for them. They weren’t in the future plans in Buffalo so there is no need to keep them around as lame duck receivers.

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Let’s just hope the receivers who are here turn out to be key pieces moving forward.