Buffalo Bills: 5 potential trade targets as the deadline approaches

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Bradley Roby

Bradley Roby, like Ward, is another former first-round talent that may not be getting a long-term extension with his current team. The Broncos are selling valuable assets in an effort to improve either draft capital or the current roster.

While Roby doesn’t fit in their long-term plans, he may fit very nicely with the Buffalo Bills. He’s been on a championship defense, and can create turnovers on hurried throws. Roby, like Ward, could audition for the long-term job opposite White.

A key to the Bills defense is that their corners aren’t asked to hold coverage long. They are dropping into zone and reading routes to create turnovers. Roby, when he has been asked to do that, has been good in that role. Roby also has excelled in the slot, a spot that Taron Johnson currently resides.

Versatility is key, and with Roby on the Bills he would be able to create confusion for offenses by disguising who he’s covering along with Taron Johnson. This option is intriguing but, of the players listed thus far, would be the highest cost.