Buffalo Bills: 5 potential trade targets as the deadline approaches

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Buffalo Bills
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With the NFL Trade deadline fast approaching, the Buffalo Bills are going to be involved. Don’t expect them to only seek draft picks, but also players.

The NFL trade deadline is here Tuesday afternoon and the Buffalo Bills seem primed to make some moves.

Let’s look at five players who could come to Buffalo via a trade.

Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin is in the final year of his contract, and in his first season with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys will be taking calls for Austin, because they just acquired Amari Cooper from the Oakland Raiders, who along with Cole Beasley plays in the slot where Austin is best used.

What the Bills clearly lack at the receiver position is speed. Austin would upgrade the speed significantly upon arrival. Where Austin would also upgrade the Bills is at the return positions, as he is a dynamic punt and kick returner, a spot the Bills have struggled to get consistency with.

It makes sense for the Bills to try to get Austin acclimated to Buffalo, as well as work with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to develop ways to utilize his skill set in this offense. In addition, his free agency in 2019 allows this move to be a low cost/low risk addition to the roster, while relieving the Cowboys of a bottleneck of slot receivers.

The issue with Austin isn’t his talent, it’s always been finding consistent ways to utilize him. At 5-foot-8, 180 pounds, he is one of the smaller starting NFL receivers. He won’t win jump balls with defensive backs, so you need him to get separation and space.

Thus far, regardless of the QB for the Bills, they have used a variety of jet sweeps and WR screens that haven’t been effective. Austin running those same plays is a substantial threat to defenses, and would stretch the field sideline to sideline to open lanes for runs up the middle.