Buffalo Bills: Should the Bills trade Kelvin Benjamin before the deadline?

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The Buffalo Bills haven’t gotten much production out of Kelvin Benjamin this season and it may be wise to trade him before Tuesday’s deadline.

The NFL trade deadline is next Tuesday, just about 16 hours after the conclusion of the Monday night game between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots.

A loss for the Bills would drop them to 2-6 and put the team on the path toward focusing on next year’s draft. Well, at least that’s the focus the front office would take.

It would also mean some trades could be coming Tuesday afternoon.

LeSean McCoy is the obvious name that comes up in trade talks as the Bills may look to get value in the form of picks for the running back who is only getting older and who is unable to turn around this offense on his own. Better to get some value in return if McCoy won’t be able to make a difference this year or next year.

Another player who could come up in trade talks is Kelvin Benjamin. The receiver has been very underwhelming since arriving in Buffalo midway through the 2017 season. He has a total of 434 receiving yards in 13 games with the Bills and only has one touchdown this season.

He formed a nice connection with Derek Anderson last Sunday but there is no reason to hold onto him as the team’s top receiver. He is not at that level and if there are no plans to extend him, better to get some picks in return.

There are others who agree with this thinking, especially when other teams may be desperate.

Benjamin has been a dud in Buffalo but this is the NFL, where teams always think that their people can fix anyone who has natural talent. Just look at all the teams Corey Coleman has been on this year.

Moving Benjamin wouldn’t have much of a negative effect on the offense this year, as he hasn’t been productive. Perhaps giving some younger guys more playing time will help open up the offense a bit. Considering Benjamin looks slows and has been dealing with drops, other guys could easily step up and make a huge difference.

The problem is that I’m not sure Benjamin will bring much in return. Maybe a fifth-round pick at the highest? Fourth if a team is desperate?

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I’ll give this trade a high probability so it will be interesting to see what the return is if, and likely when, Benjamin is traded.