Buffalo Bills back near the bottom in national power rankings

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills dropped to 1-3 on Sunday and as a result are now back near the bottom of some national NFL power rankings.

Time for the weekly look at where the Buffalo Bills stand in a few national power rankings. As expected, things are not great.

ESPN.com didn’t budge after the win over the Minnesota Vikings and only had the Bills at No. 30 overall. Things were different on NFL.com where the Bills shot up to No. 27.

A shutout loss in Green Bay has put the Bills down to No. 31 on ESPN.com and all the way down to No. 32 on NFL.com. It seems like the team at NFL.com is all about big moves from week to week.

Are the Bills the worst team in the NFL? I’m not sure about that, and I’m also not sure how to measure such a thing through four games. Going simply by record, the Arizona Cardinals would be the worst team while the Bills would be tied with eight other teams at 1-3. And the Bills’ only win came against a tough Vikings team.

But trying to say “we aren’t the worst!” becomes tiring as that is not the goal in the NFL. The goal is to win and be successful, like the team was in 2017. What we do know so far is that another postseason berth would be a much greater surprise than it was a year ago.

There just isn’t a lot of consistency with this team. Both the offense and defense were destroyed during the first two weeks. Then came the third game and the Bills looked like a playoff team. That was followed up with being shutout in Green Bay.

So which version of the Bills seen during the first four weeks is the real one?

Three up and three down after Week 4. dark. Next

We shall see and the uncertainty may have some Bills fans thinking about the 2019 NFL Draft early in October.