Buffalo Bills: Learning more about the Los Angeles Chargers

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The Buffalo Bills return home looking to take down a team that destroyed them in 2017. We caught up with Bolt Beat to learn more.

The Buffalo Bills are hoping the home crowd can be the difference in Week 2 after a rough season opener in Baltimore.

Josh Allen is starting and it appears that his era is officially underway. His first opponent is the Los Angeles Chargers, who may be upset to know that Nathan Peterman isn’t getting the start after what happened a year ago.

To learn more about the 2018 Chargers we caught up with Ernie Padaon of Bolt Beat and asked him a few questions.

1. Are the Chargers legitimate Super Bowl contenders this season?

EP: I think they are. It is going to be really tough early on because there is nobody backing this team. Basically this team is on the road every single game. They need to start getting some wins and hopefully the fans will come and watch and cheer them on. It is not easy to play every game without the support from fans.

2. What was your reaction to Nathan Peterman‘s debut last year in Los Angeles?

EP: I loved it! You didn’t like it? I felt bad for the kid! He stepped out onto the field against some hungry defenders and didn’t get a fair shot. I am almost relieved for the kid that he doesn’t have to go against us again. Poor kid didn’t get much help up front and was destroyed.

3. Who is one under-the-radar player Bills fans should be looking out for this Sunday?

EP: Philip Rivers is already in December Phil mode and that is just scary for the rest of the league. With Philip locked in, that means that you have to look out for Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler as your under-the-radar players. You guys already know about Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon, so you will have to watch out for those playmakers.

4. Are there any players on the Bills who will have the Chargers worried?

EP: I can’t say that I know enough about the Bills roster to be worried about anyone. I always get a little anxious playing a rookie quarterback like Josh Allen. He just comes into the game without much of a scouting report for us to attack and that scared me every time.

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5. What is your prediction for the game?

EP: Chargers offense is going to romp in this game. Chargers score a ton and win. Right now our defense is still getting straight, so you can get some big plays on us right now. Expect a couple of big plays for scores somewhere on your team. Just not enough to win.