Buffalo Bills: Determining what to make of the 2018 season on the BLD Podcast

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Brad “The Bruiser” Eichkorn and Chas Territo try to make sense of a disaster in Baltimore as the Bills open up things at home vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

So, Baltimore was a complete disaster.

Yes, it couldn’t have gone much worse. Should Buffalo Bills fans just forget about the 2018 season? Should we just not pay attention and try to make better use of Sundays (and that one Monday the Bills host the Patriots)?

What is there to make of the 2018 Buffalo Bills? Is this just a toss out season? Are the Bills destined to join the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns in the 0-16 club?

That is all discussed in the latest episode of the BLD Podcast. Click here to listen to this week’s podcast or use the player below.

To throw out a phrase I’ve heard uttered several times in the south: Let’s all cool our jets. The Bills have played one game. One game in which they looked worse than expected. One game where it looked as those their players came in with little to no fire or passion for football. One game where everything good we saw out of Nathan Peterman seemed to vanish into the abyss. One game where little to nothing went right. Yes, that’s a lot that went wrong, but it’s one game.

Say what you want about the 2018 Buffalo Bills, but to “true” fans like myself this is still my team. This is still the only NFL franchise I’ve ever called my own. This is still the team I grew up rooting for, while all my classmates were Detroit Lions fans. This is still a team I would read about in Shout Magazine since the Detroit News rarely had any articles on the Bills.

My dad and his entire side of the family is born and raised in Buffalo. It’s in my blood. My blood bleeds Buffalo Bills red, white and blue. I am refusing to give up on this franchise, even though they played games just as poor as last Sunday.

Let’s face it, sports are not all sunshines and rainbows. It feels great when our teams win. It feels greater when they win the division, conference and league championships. But what about when they don’t win? Are we just supposed to put our fandom on hold when the wins don’t come?

Take it for what it’s worth, it was a lousy, poorly executed game in Baltimore on Sunday. However, the Bills are on to host the Chargers in the 2018 home opener. It’s Josh Allen starting Week 2, after coming in relief of Nathan Peterman in the second half. It’s a just to reset and have a fresh start.

I encourage other Bills fans to have fun watching football this year. Enjoy it. I truly believe there are good things on the horizon for this franchise, though they may not come in 2018.

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