Buffalo Bills: Should AJ McCarron make the final roster?

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The Buffalo Bills don’t have a definitive starting quarterback and that may be bad news for the veteran of the group as roster cuts approach.

Tonight’s game against the Chicago Bears is a big one for a lot of players on the Buffalo Bills roster. Unfortunately, it will be their last game in a Bills uniform, at least in 2018.

That could be the case for one quarterback on the roster. The problem is that instead of just saying the third-string guy will be cut, we don’t even know who the third-string guy is right now.

The one player who could realistically be cut at the position is AJ McCarron. That was a point made by Dan Parzych in an NFL Spin Zone article looking at players each NFL team should cut, but likely won’t.

From the article:

"It would be one thing if McCarron was a proven starter in the NFL, but as football fans know, that is far from the case. The potential has always been there for McCarron, and it seemed like he just needed an opportunity to prove himself, but Buffalo’s current quarterback situation makes it seem like there’s no reason to keep him around."

This point would be much easier to agree with if we could rule out McCarron as the potential Week 1 starter. He hasn’t shown much to earn that role, but he also hasn’t done enough to be knocked out of the competition.

The coaching staff surely has a plan for who will start Week 1. I find it hard to believe that this fourth preseason game will truly be the difference in the decision making. Or at least I hope this is true.

Instead of simply cutting McCarron, I would rather have the Bills offer him up in a trade if there is no intention of keeping him. And if there are no good offers out there, let him stay and help both Josh Allen and Nathan Peterman. He has some guaranteed money owed to him anyway. May as well have that money go toward someone helping the team.

The concept of cutting McCarron is still up in the air right now until a Week 1 starter is named. That decision has to be made soon, which is great news for fans who have been offering up their predictions all summer.

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What are your thoughts on McCarron potentially being cut?