Buffalo Bills drop another spot in NFL Spin Zone power rankings

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

Some Buffalo Bills fans are worried about the team after Sunday’s performance. That loss dropped the Bills down a spot in NFL Spin Zone’s power rankings.

Oh, power rankings. How I adore you.

NFL Spin Zone released its power rankings following Week 3 of the preseason and the Buffalo Bills are near the bottom, clocking in at No. 25 overall. This is down from No. 24 a week ago.

Going solely off Sunday, it is going to be a rough season. Luckily, that is not what we have to do.

One bad preseason outing doesn’t remotely define a season. It is not a positive sign at all. Yet it should not have fans panicking already. These games are still just for practice.

I don’t think one is being a Bills apologist by pointing out these facts. The third preseason game is considered the most important one for most NFL teams. That was a bit different for the Bills.

There was a lot of shuffling going on with the offensive line and Josh Allen was making his first start. He did so without Dion Dawkins or LeSean McCoy on the field. The team also wasn’t running the full playbook.

I see why someone making power rankings would have the Bills so low. From a national perspective, Sunday’s game was not inspiring.

Football is so popular in America that preseason games are on national television and seemingly analyzed as if they did indeed count. It is fun for fans to be able to watch live football in August, but no major takeaways should be had from these games.

Do we panic during spring training baseball games? Does anyone even care about preseason basketball or hockey results?

Those fans who are panicking need to relax. Sunday’s game wasn’t the most fun to watch. That is a fact, at least for the first half. But preseason is the time to get the bad play out of the way before things start counting in the regular season.

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Let’s just hope that was the case on Sunday.