Buffalo Bills: A best-case scenario prediction for the 2018 season

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The Buffalo Bills are looking to return to the postseason but one writer believes a more quarterback-focused goal should be in mind in 2018.

In one day Buffalo Bills fans will get to see what Josh Allen can do as a starting quarterback. Whether that remains true when the regular season begins in two weeks remains to be seen.

No matter who wins the job the conversation about who should start every week will continue throughout the season if the Week 1 starter struggles. It happened last year and there wasn’t even a competition like this going on.

Finding the best player and sticking with him will help bring stability to the offense. It was also listed as a best-case scenario for the Bills in 2018 in an article on NFL Spin Zone that went through best-case scenarios for each NFL team.

From the article:

"This season seems like a longshot for the Bills to make the playoffs, but they can still make some progress as a franchise by figuring out whether or not Allen is ready to take over for Peterman."

Obviously, the best-case scenario is to win the Super Bowl. But that is true for every team. More realistically, an initial goal of finding a quarterback who can start every game for the foreseeable future is a nice start.

My prediction is that the starting conversation will be settled after tomorrow’s game against the Bengals and that Josh Allen will be named the Week 1 starter. The only way that doesn’t happen is if he goes back on the progress made in the first two games and just looks dreadful, but I don’t see that happening.

Allen earning the starting job would be an interesting way to cap off the seemingly constant quarterback debate. It would also present a scenario in which AJ McCarron could be offered up in trades to other teams.

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We will know more after Sunday’s game. As of right now, it is easy to agree that settling the quarterback position for years to come would be a best-case scenario for the Bills this season.