Buffalo Bills: Biggest obstacle to overcome in 2018

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The Buffalo Bills are in the midst of training camp but one player may have his mind on another situation outside of the game of football.

The Buffalo Bills have several obstacles to overcome in 2018. From dealing with a new starting quarterback to having that quarterback line up behind a new offensive line, the offense alone has some major storylines to follow.

The focus on the offense includes LeSean McCoy. The allegations that came out against him last month did not lead to any charges, but an investigation is still ongoing.

A recent NFL Spin Zone article looked at one major obstacle each NFL team must overcome this season. Keeping McCoy focused on football was selected for the Bills.

I somewhat disagree with saying that the team needs to keep him focused. McCoy has been around the game long enough to keep his mind on the field during a game. I doubt he would blame a bad performance on his thoughts being elsewhere.

And based on what McCoy has come out and said so far, he doesn’t seem to be too worried about the allegations. That may not be totally true but it has not seemed to affect his mindset so far.

My choice for the biggest obstacle to overcome would be to remain patient with the quarterback position. This means picking a guy and sticking with him, specifically AJ McCarron. Josh Allen needs time to learn on the sidelines and McCarron was seemingly brought here to be the bridge guy. No need to ditch the plan that is in place too early in the season.

This does not mean Allen cannot start later in the year. But Sean McDermott needs to remain patient and avoid rushing the rookie into action.

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As for McCoy, the veteran should be able to stay focused on the field as long as the allegations don’t lead to charges.