Buffalo Bills: 5 new additions who will make an immediate impact

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Chris Ivory isn’t exactly a young running back set to learn under LeSean McCoy. But what he does provide is a reliable veteran presence to help take some of the load off of McCoy’s shoulders.

Ivory has only had one season in which he has eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark, which came in 2015. He finished last season with 382 yards on 112 carries. Those numbers don’t jump out as all that great, but that is all the Bills need him to do.

He will make an immediate impact because his presence will make the running game an even bigger weapon. Whoever lines up at quarterback will be inexperienced and will need a smart player in the backfield. That was a given with McCoy, and the addition of Ivory means that when McCoy is out, there will still be a keen veteran mind in the backfield.

McCoy can run the Bills all the way down the field and the running game won’t miss a beat as Ivory can come in to bang around near the end zone. That is what Mike Tolbert was supposed to do last season, but he only ended up with a single touchdown on 66 rushes.

Ivory may finish the year well under the 1,000-yard mark, but every yard he does earn will help keep McCoy fresh and keep the offense churning when the star back is off the field. Without Ivory, the Bills may overwork McCoy early in the season and hurt the entire offense.