Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen already appealing to fans in Buffalo

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The Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres each drafted potentially franchise-altering players in 2018. Josh Allen is already fitting in quite well.

The Buffalo Bills made a point to build a team with high-character guys. Whether that results in wins or not remains to be seen.

But one thing it means is that fans will be able to root for players who care about Buffalo and who want to fight as hard as they can to win. Josh Allen hasn’t played a down yet, but he is already showing he gets what it means to be in Buffalo.

Via his Twitter:

A few things from this. The first is that Allen was smart to send this out and understand that he and Dahlin could be the faces of the city for years to come. It is still all hype right now and will remain that way until their respective seasons get underway. However, tweets like this will still have fans saying that Allen “gets us.”

The second thing from this is #SabresMafia. Some fans may like this while others may want something more original. I’m interested to see the creativity that results. Unless it sticks, which is always possible.

This won’t help Allen’s starting chances or anything related to football. What it does do is get fans a little more excited about him being in Buffalo and the possibilities of rocking Allen and Dahlin jerseys for the next two decades.

Ok, ok, time to slow down a bit.

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All this hype and excitement is the result of years of poor play, which is the whole point of drafting top talent. Given the picks pan out, fans in Buffalo won’t have to tune in early to any NFL or NHL drafts for quite some time. That would be a nice change of pace.