Buffalo Bills: A take on the best offseason move in 2018

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(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills have made some significant additions and subtractions this offseason, but one move still stands out among the rest.

It was inevitable that the Buffalo Bills were going to take a quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft. Fans may have rioted if the position was ignored once again.

And that move is considered the best offseason move made by the team, according to an NFL Spin Zone article written by Randy Gurzi.

We have seen this opinion before from other writers out there, and it is a relatively easy choice. Among all the additions so far in 2018, Allen stands out as the best based on his potential and what the team is hoping he becomes.

That is part of the stress that comes with calling this the best move of the entire offseason. On paper, it’s the easy choice. But it could end up being a terrible move once he gets on the field. All part of the risk of drafting a quarterback.

Here is some of what Gurzi had to say:

"He worked out of a pro style offense, so a lot of the teaching will just be refining. The Bills were wise to ignore the negative hype around Allen and pull he trigger. His upside is through the roof and they could end up much better under center than they’ve been in a long time."

The negatives surrounding Allen are what will keep everyone intrigued, both in and out of Buffalo, when watching the rookie’s progression. If he turns out to be a solid starter, Brandon Beane looks like a genius and those who hated on Allen lose some credibility. But that still won’t stop the hot takes.

The Bills could have used a big addition at wide receiver or on the offensive line, but quarterback has been the biggest need since Jim Kelly retired. So it made sense to go all in for once and commit to a young player with a top draft pick.

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Now we all have to hope it works out. Or else the Allen jerseys will be put on clearance next to the Manuel and Losman jerseys.