Buffalo Bills News: Far too early for doomsday predictions

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills aren’t entering the 2018 season with high expectations for people outside of the fanbase but it is way too early for negative predictions.

The Buffalo Bills are going to be the worst team in football in 2018. Well, that’s the case if you are reading a lot of the national predictions out there right now.

The Bills traded away Tyrod Taylor and apparently that means the doom has already settled over Buffalo. But it is way too early for any such negative predictions.

There are so many unknowns surrounding this team, mostly on offense, but that doesn’t mean the team is destined for failure. But when it comes to the modern way of thinking, there always has to be a definitive prediction even when it is months out from the start of the season.

It is easy to be biased and claim that it is once against Buffalo against the world. However, the bias fades away when it is clear that there is an unnecessary amount of negativity thrown toward a team that just made the playoffs. It’s not like the front office stripped the entire roster of talent in a true rebuild.

The negativity will continue to surround the Bills until the season gets underway. While we wait, here is a look at some of the latest news surrounding the Bills in today’s edition of The Morning Charge.

Bills chosen as a team to drop out of the playoffs in 2018 (BuffaLowDown, Steven Kubitza)

This goes along with the beginning of this post. The Bills are already being projected to miss the the postseason and it is only June. Nothing new for Bills fans.

3 reasons why Josh Allen will start Week 1 (BuffaLowDown, Matt Karas)

If you haven’t read this article yet, you must do it right away. Karas made his site debut with an in-depth look at why Josh Allen is the man for the job in Buffalo.

Bills’ offseason will be judged by Josh Allen’s development

Rodak gives a great comprehensive breakdown of the team’s offseason and continues the discussion of focusing on Allen.

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For Harrison Phillips, the NFL was always his why (Bills.com, Chris Brown)

Brown writes up a great feature on Harrison Phillips, who could factor in as a major piece on defense this season.