Buffalo Bills: Tyrod Taylor’s lofty goal to beat his old team

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor offered up a goal that would be quite the surprise of the NFL if it were to come true this season.

Tyrod Taylor is looking to do the impossible and take the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs one year after getting the Buffalo Bills back to the postseason. If he can do it, maybe they can build him a statue on the shores of Lake Erie.

The Bills, at least on paper, face an uphill battle to return to the playoffs this year after trading Taylor to Cleveland. His Browns also face an uphill battle because it’s the Browns.

Taylor recently spoke on NFL Network’s Inside Minicamp Live, with some quotes shared in an article on NYup.com, and had a very interesting thing to say about facing his former team.

"“Definitely motivated,” Taylor said. “Things didn’t end the way I would have liked it to in Buffalo, but God has a plan. They wanted to move forward. We’re still in a good position. We could possibly see those guys in the playoffs or we could knock those guys out of the playoffs. I would definitely love that. It’s definitely added motivation and I take that to work with me every day.”"

Both Bills and Browns fans would be ecstatic to be in the postseason this year. But a Bills vs. Browns meeting? That may be enough to break the NFL.

I get where Taylor is coming from and while such a matchup is possible, it remains unlikely. One of the teams would likely have to win their respective division for this to happen. And that in itself would be considered a mini miracle, but you never know.

The majority of Bills fans have no negative feelings toward the quarterback who took the team back to the postseason. But the love would stop in a matchup against him in the playoffs.

Taylor also has to deal with the fact that the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield this year. A Bills vs. Browns matchup may be one featuring two rookie quarterbacks.

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This is a lot of wishful thinking right now, but it sure would make a good story.