Buffalo Bills ranked last at starting quarterback before training camp

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Regardless of the player, the Buffalo Bills face an upward battle to gain respect at the quarterback position throughout the summer.

I am quickly being reminded just how negative those outside of Buffalo can be toward the Buffalo Bills.

From power rankings to record predictions, those outside the city seem to think that the Bills are destined for an awful season after trading Tyrod Taylor.

That continues with some quarterback power rankings from two different FanSided sites.

The first comes from NFL Spin Zone, where AJ McCarron shows up as the No. 32 (last) starting quarterback in the NFL. Then there is a starting quarterback power rankings on NFL Mocks, where Josh Allen shows up at No. 32 overall.

The easy thing to do when seeing lists like this is to go through other teams and pick out players who are worse and should be last instead of the Bills quarterbacks. But that process devolves into something that just gets frustrating.

What these rankings show me is that the fact the Bills don’t have a clear starter is why the rankings are so bad. I’ll break my own rule and say that there are a few players on the list who are worse than both McCarron and Allen. Two of those quarterbacks can be found in the AFC East, in my opinion.

So is the season already filled with doom because of these rankings? Absolutely not.

The Bills are in the familiar situation of sighing, saying “whatever,” and proving everyone wrong once again. The team did it last year with a team that should only realistically improve in 2018.

I am of the belief that competent quarterback play is the difference being a good team and being a bad team. Just look at what some average play at the position did for the Bills in 2017.

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While those outside of Buffalo are treating an unknown as a failure, McCarron and Allen are still capable of being those competent quarterbacks. Just because both are unproven doesn’t mean they should be ranked last in the league. But so it goes.