Buffalo Bills: Drafting Josh Allen seen as the most important offseason move

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A recent article deemed the selection of Josh Allen as the most important decision made by the Buffalo Bills in the 2018 offseason.

The speculation continues in 2018 for Buffalo Bills fans as the only on-field activity we have to talk about comes via OTAs. It is great to see players working out in shorts, but the hot takes will fly until we see some game action.

Seeing Josh Allen throw in shorts has already led to some discussion. Those who like Allen highlight every good throw he makes in practice, while those who despise him highlight every mistake he makes. I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

A recent article on NFL Mocks, written by Sayre Bedinger, went through and selected the most important offseason move for all 32 NFL teams. For the Bills, he saw the drafting of Josh Allen as the most important move for the team.

In fact, Bedinger even went a step further:

"Josh Allen wasn’t only the most important move the Bills made this offseason, he was the most important move this team has made in the past two or three offseasons."

This view may be argued against for those who wanted nothing to do with Allen. However, I see where Bedinger is coming from. Drafting any rookie quarterback so high was a significant move by the Bills, and Allen just happens to be the one who was chosen.

Drafting any quarterback No. 7 overall means that team expects that player to be a prominent part of the plans moving forward.

As of right now, it is hard to argue that this isn’t the most important move. It is certainly the most notable, as the other moves have been to find complementary pieces for the roster.

We are only in June of Allen’s rookie year and he has not even signed his contract yet, so we are still months away from fairly judging his performance. Even then, he must be given more than one season before we can offer up a fair judgment.

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What do you see as the most important move made by the Bills this offseason?