Buffalo Bills: Tyrod Taylor remains civil after his trade

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Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor recently did an interview in which he explained his feelings after leaving Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills fans should have no hard feelings toward Tyrod Taylor. I’m sure some do, as is true with any possible opinion out there, but the majority of fans will likely remember him as the quarterback who helped lead the team back to the postseason.

If anything, Taylor has some great reasons to be upset with the team.

But sticking to his calm ways, Taylor had nothing bad to say in a recent interview with Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News. The entire piece can be read here, but one quote was the highlight of the interview:

"“Whether I was or whether I wasn’t, I’m not there anymore. That’s his decision moving forward,” he said. “I still feel that I’d done more than enough to stay where I was. But at the end of the day, they made a decision to move forward. And that’s their decision.”"

It was clear that Taylor was never the quarterback Sean McDermott wanted, which is touched on in this interview. A question about this prompted the above response from Taylor.

Taylor is a smart guy who is a starting quarterback once again, so he is not going to come out and say anything to hurt his reputation. And if McDermott felt Taylor wasn’t the guy for him, it is better he is on another team anyway.

It is odd to see a player take a team to the playoffs and be let go in favor of a rookie and an unproven backup, but these conversations have already been had this offseason. Even interviewing Taylor at this point is almost just preparing receive some expected answers, but it doesn’t hurt in case he were to go out of character and say something wild.

Alas, he is a member of the Cleveland Browns and is in another situation to prove himself. And no matter what happens with Taylor or the Bills, he will always be a respected former member of the franchise.

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And if he leads the Browns to the playoffs, he will be a true Lake Erie hero.