Buffalo Bills: An analysis of Sean McDermott’s personality traits

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(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

A recent analysis looked at common personality traits among successful NFL coaches. The results for Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott were positive.

Buffalo Bills fans were pleasantly surprised by Sean McDermott in his first season with the team.

He made some confusing decisions at times, with one standing out above the rest, but still managed to take the team to the postseason. That is no easy task for head coaches in franchise history.

I was recently shown a study conducted by IBM’s Watson technology that looked at personality traits that are common among successful NFL coaches. The study used transcripts and social media posts to analyze the personalities.

The results of the study can be found here on casino.ca.

Sean McDermott’s top traits were intellect, cautiousness, and trust. Sounds good so far. Cautiousness ended up being the most common trait among NFL head coaches, followed by intellect.

So according to Watson, Bills fans are in good hands with McDermott at the helm. He shares the traits that other successful coaches have, and had the record to show for it in 2017.

The only real blunder McDermott made was the decision to start Nathan Peterman, but no one could have expected the debut to go as bad as it did. McDermott owned up to his decision and moved on, leading his team to the postseason.

I’d recommend clicking the link and checking out all the results from the study. So much goes into having success in the NFL, but this is the first time I have personally seen analysis of personality traits that are shared among successful coaches.

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Brandon Beane has done well so far building a team for McDermott to coach, so let’s hope these traits lead to some more success in 2018. Even if a team doesn’t have elite talent all over the field, having a great coach can lead to great things.