Buffalo Bills: Previewing the upcoming season on Sportscast Radio

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BuffaLowDown site expert Steven Kubitza recently appeared on Sportscast Radio to preview what lies ahead for the Buffalo Bills in 2018.

Everyone wants to learn more about the Buffalo Bills after the team’s return to the postseason.

Add that to the fact the team is starting over at the quarterback position and there is some national intrigue surrounding the Bills for the first time in a long time.

I recently appeared on Sportscast Radio, an internet radio program, to talk Bills and have some fun overall. I have been a guest on the show for a few years now and even won their fantasy football league a few years back.

We’re talking Bills from about the 10-minute mark to the 40-minute mark.

We covered the offense, the defense, expectations and more in this fun interview. So if you have some time and wonder what I sound like, here is your exclusive chance to find out. If that doesn’t interest you, it’s some fun Bills talk regardless.

I offer up my views on Josh Allen and what lies ahead for him this season, which is something that has Bills fans talking football nonstop in May. It isn’t as wild as some of the other drama fans have dealt with in the past, but it is certainly something that will continue to have fans talking until he plays in some actual games.

My record prediction in this episode may anger some Bills fans, but a record prediction is nothing more than a guess at this point. We won’t know this team’s potential in 2018 until we know who is lining up at quarterback. And even then, the situation could be fluid throughout the season.

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So be sure to check this out if you have 30 minutes to spare. Even if you don’t, give it a listen!