Buffalo Bills: Deciding what jersey to buy as a fan in 2018

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Part of being a Buffalo Bills fan is tailgating and attending games in the jersey of a Bills player. I was curious what the best jersey option would be.

After months of dreary weather and draft speculation, Buffalo Bills fans are enjoying some sunshine and some fresh hope with new players in town.

Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds come to Buffalo hopefully as franchise-changing players who will become legends in the city. For now, they just need to get to work.

The season is still months away but the time after the draft is perfect to begin considering what jersey one should buy. I personally like waiting until after the draft in case my team takes a prospect I like, which may have been the case for some Josh Allen fans out there.

I posed this question on Twitter and got some interesting results.

First, some current options:

From what I have noticed, older fans are more inclined to get a jersey of a past player, unless they are still rocking the same one they bought decades ago. Being a fan of any team for a long time leads one to seeing so many players come and go. It is not as easy to get as hyped when realizing the player who is being celebrated now may be gone in a year or two.

That leads to the advocacy of buying classic jerseys:

And as always on Twitter, there was a golden response from a Bills fan:

So there you have it folks, you can either spend $100 on a Jim Kelly or Josh Allen jersey, or be a bargain buyer and fork over $5 for a classic Losman jersey. The choice is yours.

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If you didn’t respond on Twitter, what jersey would you buy? My current choice would probably be to play it safe and either go with a Kelly or a Fred Jackson.