Buffalo Bills: Talking the 2018 schedule and more in the BLD Podcast

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Brad “The Bruiser” Eichkorn and Alex Jones dissect the Buffalo Bills’ 2018 schedule and continue to look toward the 2018 NFL Draft.

Click here to listen to this week’s BuffaLowDown podcast, as the 2018 NFL schedule is finally out. Time for Buffalo Bills plans to start making plans for the season.

It’s now safe to figure out what weekend you can visit relatives, or take that long weekend trip during the bye week.

The Buffalo Bills’ 2018 schedule includes a late October Monday Night Football home game vs. New England. Buffalo is one the smallest market teams in the NFL (the smallest being the Green Bay Packers).

So, it comes as no shock that the Bills come into the 2018 season with only one primetime game. One could argue: “This team made the playoffs last year.” That may be true, but there are a lot of players who were on this roster last year who are not in 2018 (Tyrod Taylor, Preston Brown, E.J. Gaines, Jordan Matthews…  good or bad).

Just like last year, I anticipate the 2018 Bills will be under estimated, and like 2017, this will be a wait and see season for the Buffalo Bills.

Along with the NFL schedules being released, the buzz continues to surround this year’s draft. However, is it buzz that surrounds this draft or is it the mystery? If you were to say that there was a definitive number one draft pick, and the rest of the chips would fall accordingly, I would politely ask you what the weather is like on fantasy island.

There has not been a true glimpse at who the number one overall pick will be. It’s been that way since January with rumor after rumor and smoke screen after smoke screen. Once the commissioner announces that the 2018 draft has started and that the Cleveland Browns are on the clock, I expect to see fireworks.

The quarterbacks coming into the 2018 draft seem to be top-heavy enough that there doesn’t appear to a “Bo Callahan” slam dunk QB quarterback in this draft class. (Bonus points to those who picked up on my Draft Day reference.)

So, my thoughts aside, here’s what is on the agenda for this week’s podcast:

  • Thoughts on the Buffalo Bills 2018 schedule
  • The mystery surrounding the 2018 NFL Draft
  • Recent free agency signings

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