Buffalo Bills: The ideal haul in the 2018 NFL Draft

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 16: Tony Brooks-James
LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 16: Tony Brooks-James /
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44. Maurice Hurst/Defensive Tackle/Michigan

Trade details – Bills trade No. 53, No. 70, and 2019 third to Packers for No. 45 and No. 76

With one of the most promising defensive tackles on the board, the Bills have to make a move to get him. The team can move up eight spots by swapping thirds with the Packers and tossing in a 2019 third to sweeten the deal, enticing the Packers to make the deal.

Hurst has been dropping down many boards due to a potential heart condition that sent him home early from the NFL Combine earlier this year. Since then he has been medically cleared, but it could still be an issue for some teams and scare them away, causing Hurst to drop.

This could be extremely beneficial to the Bills as they move up to take Hurst who could fill in for Kyle Williams in the 2019 season. At 6-foot-2 and 269 pounds, Hurst is not a run stuffer. His calling card is being disruptive at the line and breaking in through the middle, much like Williams currently does.

He provides a pass rush from the middle of the line and with Star Lotulelei being brought in to be the run stuffer on the defensive line, Hurst can take over as the pass rushing threat between the two tackles.

With Williams still on the team, Hurst can rotate in and spell Kyle when he needs a break or in certain situations. It will help keep Williams fresh, but also allow Hurst to learn from a franchise legend who made the most out of all he had. Hurst studying under Williams this season will allow him to step in as a starter next season and keep the defensive line moving without missing a beat.

Also, he is a senior. Production and playing time are two things the Bills love in a prospect, and Hurst has plenty of both.