Buffalo Bills: Other positions of need in the first round of the draft

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Many Buffalo Bills fans are set on the team taking a QB in the first round, but other areas of need exist if the team decides to go a different route.

The 2018 NFL Draft is less than three weeks away and Buffalo Bills fans are ready for the team to draft a franchise quarterback and become a perennial Super Bowl contender. Easy as that.

The narrative surrounding the team this offseason has focused on different ways the Bills can trade up to grab a quarterback, but it isn’t a done deal just yet. If a trade does go through, it may not happen until draft night.

But since anything can happen, I wanted to ask fans what position the team should focus on if Brandon Beane decides not to take a quarterback for some reason. The question was posed in a Twitter poll.

Let’s start with the winner of the poll before moving to the runner-up.

If the Bills must absolutely avoid drafting a quarterback, going after a top linebacker makes sense. Preston Brown is now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals and the remaining group in town is solid, but there isn’t one player that stands out as someone to build around for the future.

So if the Bills don’t want a quarterback to lead the offense, they may as well go after a new quarterback for the defense.

I included the “they must draft a QB” option in this poll because it would be unfair to leave that option out when so many Bills fans are set on the team getting that next best thing at QB. It doesn’t seem to make logical sense to avoid focusing on the position in the first round, unless Beane truly can’t find a trade partner for a somewhat fair price.

Even if the Bills have to stay put at No. 12, there should still be some solid QB talent available.

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So what is your choice in this poll? Can you see any other option or is QB the only acceptable move in the first round?