Buffalo Bills: The idea of drafting two quarterbacks in 2018

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The Buffalo Bills seem destined to draft a top quarterback in 2018, but could be bold and decide to go after more than one as a form of insurance.

The Buffalo Bills have several options when going after a quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The easiest involves staying put at pick No. 12 and taking a quarterback there. If the team wants to be even more conservative, they can wait to take a QB at No. 22 overall.

The other, more likely, option involves trading up to take a top QB somewhere within the 4-6 range. It is yet to be seen whether this option is actual likely or it just seems likely because so many fans have talked about it for months.

A final option, other than not taking any QBs, remains and involves copying what the Washington Redskins did back in 2012. That would be taking a QB high, and then grabbing a second later on in the draft.

The Bills will enter the draft with nine picks. That number may go down if the team makes a trade up higher into the first round, but let’s say it stays somewhere in the 7-9 range. With quarterback being the main position of need, taking two in this year of great QB talent should be considered.

Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron aren’t leading this Bills team to great heights. McCarron at least has value on the roster as a veteran with some experience in the league, but the same cannot be said for Peterman.

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If the Bills were to take two QBs, that may be the end of Peterman’s days in a Bills uniform. His contract allows a move to be made, and perhaps another team would want to give him a shot.

When looking at the actual QBs available outside the top 5, there are plenty of names such as Luke Falk, Kyle Lauletta, Logan Woodside, Riley Ferguson and Mike White who could be grabbed outside the second round.

The Redskins utilized this strategy and it worked well, in terms of having two solid QBs.

Their top pick went down and someone was ready to step in right away, although the value they gave up for that top quarterback, Robert Griffin III, wasn’t the best of moves. That is a whole other story.

The Bills utilizing this strategy depends upon how much trust is placed in Peterman. If Brandon Beane thinks he is a bust, then bringing in two rookies, and having the second one serve as the third-string guy, makes sense.

No need to keep Peterman around if there is no future for him here and the team thinks one of the rookies available later in the draft can potentially play for this team in the future. It is a cheap option that brings in some more potential if the team is done with Peterman.

However, if the team wants to give Peterman some more time to develop, drafting two QBs wouldn’t be feasible.

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This is just one route the team could go and it happening depends upon several other factors. What do you think about such a plan? Would it be something you would like to see, or do the picks need to be used on other positions?