Buffalo Bills: 2018 QB class rankings one month before the draft

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The draft is one month away and every Buffalo Bills fan is focused on the quarterback position. I’ll provide some analysis and project where they will land.

You can’t watch this year’s draft coverage without hearing about these guys. Many Buffalo Bills fans already know, this quarterback class offers NFL teams a wide variety of choices.

A team could look to find a polished prospect at the top of the first round (Darnold, Rosen).

They could opt to go for a talented quarterback that may be considered to have a few imperfections (Mayfield, Jackson, Allen).

Or, the team could roll the dice on a guy in the later rounds and hope to get some value.

The mad dash to the top of the first round has shined an even bigger spotlight on the prospects. The Browns, Giants and Jets are currently kicking off the draft. Each team needs a new signal-caller, which makes the possibility of three quarterbacks going 1-2-3 entirely realistic.

This class is going to be one the most intriguing groups in quite some time. With the potential of 6-7 guys going in the first two rounds, there is a wealth of options that could end up as busts.

The quarterbacks have completed the combine and are currently working through their pro days. Once team meetings begin, potential fits will start to form. Each team’s quarterback rankings will be different since they are based on team-oriented assessments (scheme fit, age, culture fit, physical tools).

My rankings are based on 100 percent film study. Looking through hours of game film, I feel I have a firm grasp on this historic class. Let’s see who is number one with a month to go…