Why the Buffalo Bills should try to get Odell Beckham Jr.

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3 Reasons to bring him to Buffalo:

1) Fills an immediate need.

The offense as currently constructed is anything but “electric.”

The Bills need a guy that can stretch the defense. Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones are nowhere near as dangerous as Beckham.

Apart from D.J. Moore, no prospect in the 2018 NFL draft can offer the burst and tenacity that he plays with. Getting a proven stud in his fifth year, rather than taking a chance on a rookie, is a better option.

2) His mere presence will help alleviate pressure on the offense.

The Bills will have a new starting quarterback in 2018. Whether it is AJ McCarron or a rookie, having both receiving threats out wide will help make their life easier. Lining him and Benjamin on the outside will force opposing defenses to scheme creatively.

Forcing the opponents to worry about a deep threat will prolong LeSean McCoy’s career. There will rarely be 8 or 9-man boxes with Beckham and Benjamin making plays outside. His impact in the run game could result in Shady’s best year as a Buffalo Bill.

3) Beckham = Big Business

Oh yeah. The dude has a legion of fans and makes tons of big plays. You always hear the motto, “the NFL is a business.” Beckham in Buffalo would be good business.

The Buffalo Bills weren’t purchased by Terry Pegula to be a pedestrian franchise. Pegula wants to turn them into a winner that is profitable. Players as recognizable as Beckham greatly increase the price of the franchise. For example, Carolina is about to sell for $2.5 billion because they have a star named Cameron Newton.

Beckham will bring a spark to a franchise that desperately needs it. He will also bring a young generation of fans to the #BillsMafia.

Some of you may think that the publicity is a bad thing, and I’d say you don’t understand good business.