Buffalo Bills: Not getting caught up in casual comments

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula recently commented on the quarterback situation, but it was nothing that will change any of the plans in place.

The NFL owners are all hanging out this week and that of course includes Terry Pegula, owner of the Buffalo Bills.

The annual meetings are a time for rule changes and trade discussions to take place at a slow time during the NFL year, while the media is also there to grab some quotes.

One quote in particular from Pegula stood out as rather interesting.

If I was an irrational person, I would panic upon seeing this and say the Bills are doomed. Alas, I am not such a person.

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Of course he is going to say this. Imagine if he came out and said “well I think we definitely need a new quarterback because the guys we have on the team suck.” It would be cool, but it would be horrible for the team.

And note, he said the team is in “good” shape. Time to make that “great” shape by drafting a quarterback next month.

I’d say about 98 percent of Bills fans will see the quote and not think too much about it.

But I know there is that other two percent of people out there who will panic, or even go the other route and begin to rationalize moving forward with only AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman.

Pegula kept it as political as he could, making sure not to tip his team’s hand or say anything that could hurt anything the Bills are planning to do.

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So if you are one of the people out there worried about a season with McCarron or Peterman under center for 16 games, don’t panic just yet.