Buffalo Bills: The case against even considering Odell Beckham Jr.

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With rumors surrounding the New York Giants star receiver, should the Buffalo Bills stay as far away from Odell Beckham Jr. as possible?

With reports breaking earlier in the week about the current state of Odell Beckham Jr. and his stance with the New York Giants, trade rumors have been collecting traction.

The now 25-year-old receiver has been under scrutiny lately revolving around a video of him in Europe with French model Laura Cuenca and a white powdery substance. This, along with reports mentioning that he plans to hold out unless given a new contract, is a red flag for many teams.

With the Bills lacking a “Superstar” player such as Beckham most will say bring him in. But this decision could be disastrous for the Bills and Beckham.

Giants owner John Mara stating that “no one is untouchable” shows that Beckham is on the block…but for what cost? There is no doubt that Beckham is an established and well-feared receiver, but how he would fit into the Buffalo scheme is a conversation that is over before it starts.

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With the Bills currently holding the No. 12 and No. 22 overall picks in the 2018 draft, it is safe to say the Giants would come knocking. They may want No. 22 and potentially No. 12.

With the Bills giving and losing so much in this offseason, it makes no sense for a team trying to get back into the playoffs to sacrifice even more talent.

“Blue collar” and “hard-working” are two phrases that describe each and every Buffalo Bill. But two phrases do not apply to Beckham.

The sometimes dramatic and emotional state of the receiver would not mesh well with the systems and personnel that are currently in Buffalo.

The receiver brings with him a very media-heavy following that has not been seen by the Bills Mafia and fans since the arrival and fall of EJ Manuel.

The constant distraction and fanfare surrounding Beckham week to week would not be well-received by veteran players such as Kyle Williams as he embarks on another season for the Blue and Red.

Along with a locker room distraction comes a hefty contract. The money that the Bills would have to pay Beckham can be used more productively to bring in supplemental pieces to this already electric offense on a much cheaper dime.

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There is no doubt Beckham will be a heavy offseason target. With that being said, he comes with a price and a price tag.