Buffalo Bills: Potential trade packages to move up in the 2018 NFL Draft

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Denver Broncos: No. 5 Overall

Possible Connection?

None of significance.

Potential Offer?

Bills Trade: No. 12, 53, 96, 166 overall picks.

Broncos Trade: No. 5 and 182 overall picks.

Why would Denver trade down?

The Broncos have opted to sign Case Keenum to a two-year deal and he will be there starter going into next season.

Only signing Keenum for two years may be an indicator that the Broncos are still thinking about drafting a young QB.

I believe they will add a quarterback to their roster, but it will be a guy in the second or third round. I think Elway gets a little more credit than he deserves, so this year could change that perception if he could hit on his picks.

The Broncos have been tapped as a team that is a quarterback away from contending. Since they got their quarterback, they could trade back and add depth throughout their roster.

Those extra mid-round picks will add some youth to a team that has begun to age. Without many glaring weaknesses, the Broncos would be smart to turn their top asset into many quality players.

Likelihood of happening? 20%

The only reason the odds aren’t higher is because the Bills will want to get into the top three to secure their guy. The trade would be great value for both teams if it did go down.

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If the Broncos fall in love with a guy like Josh Allen, this pick will not be traded. If they like Mason Rudolph, they will be hoping for the phone to ring.