Buffalo Bills: Determining AJ McCarron’s role in 2018

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

 The Buffalo Bills signed AJ McCarron on Wednesday night, adding a much-needed veteran QB to the roster. But fans are divided on what his role will be.

Signing AJ McCarron wasn’t a blockbluster move by the Buffalo Bills, but it was a necessary one.

The Bills needed to get a quarterback with some experience in the league and did just that by signing McCarron.

Not going after someone with more starting experience seems to indicate the team’s plans to take a rookie quarterback in the first round of the draft. That allows McCarron to potentially open the season as the starter while the rookie learns behind him.

That is one possibility, while others include a rookie starting right away or potentially starting sometime during the season.

To gauge how fans are feeling on the topic, we decided to post a poll.

I have to agree with the 47 percent of people who believe McCarron will be the starter for part of the year. The only way he is the starter all season is if he comes in and plays like a star right away. It’s certainly possible, just unlikely.

As for being a backup all year, the rookie coming in would have to be so good during training camp that it would be foolish to not have him start. And for a team looking to return to the postseason, the best player is going to get the starting nod, regardless of experience.

This may not be what McCarron had in mind when he fought for his free agency this offseason, but he has the opportunity to win the starting job. And that is what he wanted.

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Whether he can hold off a player like Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen for an entire season remains to be seen.