Buffalo Bills: Why the team will draft Josh Rosen

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The Issues

With size, production, mechanics, and smarts to be the guy on most NFL rosters, why would there be any issues? What could there be that has teams turned off from the UCLA standout?

For one, Rosen comes from a wealthy family. His father is one of the best surgeons in California and both of his parents are Ivy League school educated. His great-great-great grandfather was a business tycoon and established the Wharton School of Business. For whatever reason, some immediately label him as entitled.

Next are the “off the field” issues of wearing a hat that said “F**k Trump” on a Donald Trump owned golf course and Rosen putting a hot tub in his room freshman year. But he isn’t getting in trouble for doing drugs or drinking.

Perhaps the most baffling “character” issues are that he has a mind of his own. When asked his opinion on topics, Rosen often gives a well thought out and educated responses. He isn’t afraid to voice those opinions, and that is where NFL front offices and media members are turned off.

They view it as Rosen not caring about football because that isn’t all he thinks about. He has other plans after football and cares about the environment and politics. That doesn’t fit with some team’s agendas.

However, I think those are terrible reasons to pass on a player. At times Josh Rosen can be a little brash, but he is not doing anything illegal or causing issues. He is participating in society and formulating educated opinions. His dedication to understanding why things work may help with involvement in the community or make a difference off the football field.

On the field, Rosen’s sophomore season ended prematurely due to a shoulder injury that required surgery. He also has been diagnosed with a pair of concussions. If he passes all of the physicals through the pre-draft visits, I believe there should be zero concerns about his health.