The Buffalo Bills should draft Lamar Jackson in 2018

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With the most pressing need being quarterback, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of trading up. The Buffalo Bills should stay put and take Lamar Jackson.

According to all the news being reported, the Buffalo Bills are about to trade a bunch of picks to move up and grab a quarterback.

You can’t blame the organization for wanting to get the quarterback position figured out for the first time since Jim Kelly. I feel that the trade up will be too costly and potentially set back “the process.”

If I were the Bills, I would hold off on trading to the top of the draft and select Lamar Jackson at pick No. 21. For some context about my thoughts on the quarterback class, I included my rankings below.

Pre-combine quarterback rankings are:

1) Sam Darnold- USC
2) Josh Rosen- UCLA
3) Baker Mayfield- Oklahoma
4) Lamar Jackson- Louisville
5) Josh Allen- Wyoming

So, you may be wondering, “Why draft the 4th best QB in the class?”

I will tell you why for three specific reasons.

1. The Deshaun Watson Effect

These two quarterbacks are very similar in how they will translate to the NFL coming from college. Just like Deshaun Watson last year, Jackson seems to be underrated in the class. They both demonstrated skills as a potential starting quarterback that has the mobility to the make “wow” plays.

Jackson is a better passer and athlete than Watson was coming out of school. If a coaching staff built an offense around him that emphasizes his skill-set, he could have a Watson-like impact.

The league is now fully aware that Deshaun Watson could be the real deal. Many teams were stubborn because he didn’t fit their system. That way of thinking will get coaches fired. The Texans tailored the system to him and put up points at a record pace during his starts.

2. Scheme Fit

Lamar Jackson came from a system at Louisville that forced him to make every play. That style of play led him to a Heisman Trophy campaign during the 2016 season. He should not be asked to do the same thing at the next level. He must go to a place that will allow him to play without that weight on his shoulder pads.

Sean McDermott has made it clear that he wants a running offense backed by a strong defense. That kind of environment will help Jackson develop at a steady pace while alleviating some of the pressures of being a starting NFL QB.

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Brian Daboll, coming from a system at Alabama that implemented RPOs and QB runs, can use his prior experience to craft creative plays using the game-breaking tandem like McCoy and Jackson.

3. Keep the Picks

The Bills get their quarterback for a much cheaper price. Rather than selling their assets, the team can use their multiple early draft picks to fill the holes currently on the roster. They can draft some help along the offensive and defensive line or potentially grab their new middle linebacker.

To add much-needed depth, while grabbing a quarterback comparable to Michael Vick and Deshaun Watson for a late first, would be a job well done.

Yes, I currently believe Jackson is the 4th best quarterback in the draft.

I also believe he is the best fit for what the Bills are trying to build. He would make the deep throws that Tyrod Taylor refused to make and he would add excitement to an offense that desperately needs it.

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Is there another QB the Bills should take? Should they sign a free agent? Share your thoughts!