Buffalo Bills: A fan poll on a potential Sammy Watkins return

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

Former Buffalo Bills receiver Sammy Watkins could hit free agency next month, so we decided to see what Bills fans think about a potential return.

There comes a point before the NFL Combine when it feels like we have covered every angle of the 2018 Buffalo Bills quarterback search. Until an actual event where skills are measured it is tough to have any different opinions now than what we thought back at the end of the season.

So let’s talk about the wide receiver position.

We ran a piece yesterday on the potential of a Sammy Watkins return to Buffalo. This is all just hypothetical at this point, but he could hit the open market and there is no reason why the Bills shouldn’t at least consider their former first-round pick. It seems like a year in Los Angeles humbled him a bit.

To gauge how Bills fans feel on this topic, it was time for another poll.

This poll surprised me a bit as I thought most fans had moved on from Watkins and didn’t view his solid 2017 season as anything to write home about. But it is clear he still has some fans in Buffalo, or at least people who own his jersey and want to wear it again.

The last category, knowing after the draft, becomes difficult in theory if Watkins becomes a free agent. Waiting until after the draft to consider signing him would be far too late.

All this first depends on whether the Los Angeles Rams place the franchise tag on Watkins. If not, he is free to sign with any team, although returning to the Rams could be a likely option after the team’s playoff appearance in 2017. Why leave a good thing?

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We will know more about this possibility in a few weeks, but it was interesting to see this poll to gauge how fans would feel about a Watkins reunion in Buffalo.