BLD Podcast: 2017 Bills Festivus for the Rest of Us


Click here to listen a very Festivus Buffalowdown Podcast, as”The Bruiser” Eichkorn and Alex Jones discuss the Buffalo Bills in the tradition’s of the holiday “Festivus,” made popular by the 90’s sitcom “Seinfeld.” Let’s face it, going into the season it seemed like it would take a Festivus miracle for the Bills to make it into the playoffs. Yet, here we are in the 3rd week of December, and the Bills are listed as the 6th seed in the AFC East. There’s still a lot that needs to happen for the Bills to make the post season.

The next is getting a win over the Miami Dolphins. Although this team from South Beach comes in with a subpar record of 6-7, they are fresh off an impressive Monday Night victory over the Miami Dolphins. The Bills will look to take advantage of their short week, along with the advantage of playing a warm weather team in the cold climate of western New York. Although the Bills 13-6 overtime win over Indianapolis in a blizzard may have been “fun” (which may be partialy due to the outcome), I’m sure the players would prefer to play in less snow, partially due to effect it has on players speed (unless you’re LeSean McCoy).

This week both Brad “The Bruiser” will head to new era field, hoping to see a defense that can frustrate Jay Cutler, along with holding their own in the running game. On the other side of the ball, it would be nice to see the continue emergence of Kelvin Benjamin in the passing attack. It was would also be nice if LeSean McCoy could open up the run attack like he did against the Colts in the cold and snow.

The 2017 Bills Festivus celebration includes:

  • The Buffalo Bills “Airing of Grievances”
  • Buffalo Bills “Festivus Miracles”
  • Giving thanks to aspects of the Bills while admiring the aluminum pole.
  • Getting ready for Saturday’s “Feats of Strength” against the Miami Dolphins

Whether you’ve been run out of Bayside, or you’re just in the Festivus spirit, celebrate Festivus with Buffalowdown’s podcast. CLICK HERE to enjoy this week’s podcast while standing by the Aluminum Pole.