BuffaLowDown Questions and Answers: Catching up on the Jets

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: Head Coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills and Head Coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets shake hands after the Buffalo Bills defeated the New York Jets 21-12 on September 10, 2017 at New Era Field in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: Head Coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills and Head Coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets shake hands after the Buffalo Bills defeated the New York Jets 21-12 on September 10, 2017 at New Era Field in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

With a short week, rather than spend the time in the film room, we went right to one of the Jets experts to get their opinions and preview of the Bills opponent on Thursday Night Football.

It’s been a while since the Jets and Bills faced off during week 1 in Orchard Park. Since then, things have changed and been unexpected for both fan bases. To help get us updated on the happenings with the Jets, I did a Q&A with Paul Esden Jr. (a.k.a Boy Green) of The Jets Zone  podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter. Please follow him at https://twitter.com/BoyGreen25 or https://www.facebook.com/BoyGreen25/. To hear my rebuttal as a Bills fan to some of these questions and more, download The Jets Zone podcast which is up now on his page.

And now, lets get to the Q&A and learn about our opponents.

Daniel: Since week 1, the Bills have improved, and built on the win vs the Jets. What have the Jets been up to since visiting Orchard Park?

Boy Green: Well Daniel it’s almost a tale of two seasons. To describe the first two weeks, let me channel my inner Dennis Green, the Jets are who we thought they were. Everyone said this was a team that was going to ‘tank’ and pack it in. After starting 0-2 this team has completely turned it around. They’re competing but the playoffs seem out of reach at 3-5. That can be attributed to the three heart breaking losses back-to-back. 

Daniel: What has surprised you most about the Jets this season?

Boy Green: Josh McCown. The expectation was McCown would play basic for a few weeks before inevitably handing over the reins to one of the young guns. But here we’re eight weeks into the season and no QB controversy. I could rip off all the stats I’ve been tweeting but you can see them on my twitter page. For example: 

McCown overall has been a pleasant surprise. He’s savvy and doesn’t risk it to get the biscuit too often which has its pros and cons. But you’ve got to love a QB who hasn’t turned the ball over more than he has scored.

Daniel: That’s what we love about Tyrod Taylor. He keeps the turnover differential down, and let’s the rushing attack and defense win games. On the flip side of that, who has been the biggest disappointment?

Boy Green:This is a good one. I guess Chad Hansen the rookie out of California. I’m not even sure if it’s his fault, but he has received minimal playing time at the WR position. He and another rookie ArDarius Stewart out of Alabama were expected to make a huge impact. Stewart has been really nice, but Hansen has been invisible. 

Daniel: It’s been the opposite for the Bills this season, where the rookies can’t seem to do wrong. What is the Jets quarterback plan? Josh McCown is truly providing the Jets the best chance to win, but realistically he can only bridge the position for a year or 2. What’s happening with Hackenberg? Or, do you suspect the Jets will look to Free Agency or the draft to find the long term solution?

Boy Green: Well I hinted at McCown who had played very well outside of the fourth quarter. The news of Jimmy Garropolo being traded sends huge ripple effects across the leauge. So let’s break it step by step: Kirk Cousins was supposed to be a likely candidate to San Francisco. Now that’s not going to happen, so Jets are certainly in line there with $80m expected in cap space. If that option doesn’t tickle their fancy then the draft will be the way to go. The 49ers aren’t taking a QB anymore in round one, so Jets can trade up. Speaking of the Jets are in purgatory right now. They have a 0.1% chance to make playoffs and at the No. 1 pick. That’s not where you want to be. Either way, they’ll have a bevy of options to choose from.

Daniel:  If the Jets are going to win on Thursday, what has to happen for them?

Boy Green: Wow how eight weeks have changed our perspective. The Buffalo Bills come into this game red hot. The key for Jets is simple, finish. They’ve played all these games tight, now they need to simply get the job done. It’s a short week against a divisional opponent. A 50-50 game where records are thrown out window, should be a great game. 

Daniel: Who is the Jets X-factor player this Thursday, the Bills and their fans need to keep an eye on?

Boy Green: Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The Jets ignored the tight end position over the last two years, now they have a viable playmaker who is a favorite target of Josh McCown. He does the three important things: security blanket, attacks the seam, and is a red zone threat. The Bills defense will have their hands full.

Daniel: What will a Jets win mean for them moving forward?

Boy Green: It would be a frustrating win. The team would be 4-5 and in a purgatory of sorts. The Jets are more talented than people gave them credit for, but they aren’t good enough to lose multiple close games and still make the playoffs. So a win is merely a spoiler/pride win. This team is clearly fighting for their head coach Todd Bowles.

Daniel: On the opposite side, what will a Jets loss mean for them moving forward?

Boy Green: The Jets have embraced the tank! The Jets would be 3-6 and well on their way to locking up a top-10 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. The key is to have premium draft picks, especially in what many consider a deep quarterback rich class.

Daniel: Now to the serious questions. As a fan, do you prefer your ideal coach to have the stoic nature of Todd Bowles, or the excessive clapping demeanor of Sean McDermott? Keep in mind we both got the joy and frustration of Rex Ryan.

Boy Green: It’s funny you ask that, we were talking about this when I was watching Jets vs Falcons on Sunday. Quick thought on Rex Ryan: I loved Ryan when he came. He injected  this organization with hope, bravado, and excitement. He made us think we could challenge and in his first two years he put his money where his mouth was with those two AFC championship game appearances. But eventually we got sick and tired of it. I like Todd Bowles he doesn’t get too high or too low. Always stays level headed, I love that about him, you always know what you’re going to get.

Daniel: That’s what i like about McDermott too. While he seems overly optimistic in the games, this team stays even keeled all week and mid game. The debut of the Thursday Night color rush featured the Bills and Jets. Famously, that game is also known for angering the red/green color blind community. Now that the color rush is more evolved, who has the best color rush uniforms in the NFL?

Boy Green: Great question! I’m a huge color rush supporter, love these jerseys. The Jets I like because it reminds me of those sharp looking jerseys from the 1980’s, but I won’t be biased. Give me the Atlanta Falcons. I love the all red look it’s so sharp. It screams of nostalgia from back in the day.

Daniel: While I want to say the all black of the 49ers, i would go with the Jags and their Colonel Mustard gear. Something about the Jaguars and the game of Clue just seems to match up for me. Last question, if you could join Bills Mafia for a day, would you rather A) Jump thru a burning table, B) Enjoy a beer in a hot tub built in the bed of a pickup truck during winter, or C) Attempt to eat Suicidal Wings from The Anchor Bar?

Boy Green: Where’s the throw your girlfriend through the table option? Lol But seriously you guys are crazy. Probably the hot wings, Boy Green like wingy. Huge fan and I have to say boneless wings are not glorified chicken nuggets, whoever says that I will fight to the death in an octagon.

Daniel: This was a trick question. It’s always ok to throw willing participants thru tables while tailgating.

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Thanks again to Boy Green for taking the time to preview the Jets on this shortened week. Go Bills!