LeSean McCoy comments on Colin Kaepernick: Was he right?

BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 26: Running back LeSean McCoy
BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 26: Running back LeSean McCoy /
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LeSean McCoy comments on Colin Kaepernick
LeSean McCoy comments on Colin Kaepernick /

These quarterbacks are currently being developed by their franchises and bringing in Kaepernick would not be helpful for their situations for the most part.

The next group is of teams with young quarterbacks that are currently trying to develop or that were recently drafted. The teams they play for are focused on grooming their quarterback of the future and Kaepernick would not be helpful to those plans. Those quarterbacks include Marcus Mariotta, Jameis Winston, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, and Jared Goff.

Mitch Trubisky, also qualifies here, and with the Bears giving Mike Glennon a decent sized contract this offseason they are not a fit either. The Chiefs have Alex Smith who is just as good as Kaepernick. They also traded up with the Buffalo Bills to draft Patrick Mahomes who is their future. They are not a good fit either. The Browns drafted DeShone Kizer in the 2nd round and he won the starting job. They are going to give him a shot to see if he is their future.

The Texans are a more complicated situation. They drafted Deshaun Watson with the 12th overall pick so their future is tied to him but their present is murky. They are starting Tom Savage who doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence. If they plan on playing Watson at some point this year, signing Kaepernick doesn’t make sense, but if they plan to redshirt Watson, Kaepernick would improve their playoff chances dramatically. Texans owner Bob McNair is strongly Republican, having donated over $3.4 million from 2009 to 2013. According to the local CBS station in Houston, their head coach Bill O’Brien said;

"“Our organization believes strongly in the National Anthem, and standing for the National Anthem”"

Considering their quarterback situation, head coaches statement, and owners beliefs, it’s possible they could be blackballing him, but without knowing their intentions with Watson it’s impossible to tell.

The Broncos are another complicated situation. They were hoping their 1st round pick from 2016, Paxton Lynch would show enough growth to win the starting job over Trevor Siemian. It wasn’t likely that Lynch was going to win, but he was injured in a preseason game all but confirming his fate. He will be out for several weeks causing the Broncos to sign Brock Osweiler after he was released by the Browns.

Kaepernick is better than all of the Broncos quarterbacks so it leaves one to wonder if they could be blackballing him. Their owner has not made any political donations from 2009 to 2013, but before that, he leaned Republican. However, the reasoning they didn’t go after Kaepernick seems to be a scheme fit rather than blackballing him. Back in March Tom Pelissero tweeted that they were looking for someone who is a better fit for their offense. Since Osweiler was recently a member of their team its hard to argue with that.

That makes up 24 quarterbacks leaving eight teams that didn’t fit into any particular category. Let’s take a look at some of them on the next slide.